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I've been following :iconterrymcg: for a while now.  Terry creates wonderful costumes for use in DAZ3D and Poser.  His work is very pretty and he makes beautiful costumes based on DC and Marvel super heroes.  Recently Terry posted a description of his creative process (… that is very enlightening.  That's pretty much what prompted me to write this entry.

I was all set to add the below comment to a reply to Terry, but decided this needed to be pulled out and jammed into my own journal since it's really about how I feel and not about Terry or his work.  This is a discussion that content creators should have with themselves and their audience. 

This is just a small piece of the discussion that I've brought here:  "In truth, when I go look for a costume either on DAZ or on Rederosity, I am often annoyed that I can't find "just the thing" I'm looking for.  I don't want the majority of the mid-drift-revealing junk they sell as fantasy attire.  I know where the fantasy comes from in that situation and it has nothing to do with dragons or wizards or adventure.  Why can't I have pants that are nicely created and don't look painted on?  Why can't I have armor pieces that look like they might actually protect someone?  So many ways it just doesn't fit what I'm looking for.  I usually end up buying something close and having to fiddle with it to make it fit my concept.  I don't know about others, but I don't like having that specific costume that only does the one thing.  I'd rather have a set of shoes, or different armor pieces or whatever! that I could mix and match into my perfect character."

This continues into what I do within Second Life.  During my process of creating content for Second life I've had plenty of people say "can you make me a Superman costume?"  No.  "Can you make me a Wonder Woman costume?"  No.  (Those that have seen my stuff, will tell you have made Wonder Woman, but I will not revisit it.)  Can you make me....[insert random Marvel or DC hero/villain here]?  No.  Why?  Because I want you to have an original idea, dammit!  Anyone can buy a costume off the shelf.  It takes a little bit of imagination to find the right color shiny boots, spandex gloves and leotard and come up with your own hero.  I'm not saying these characters aren't heroic, or sexy or whatever, I'm just saying have an original idea!

I'm sure I've been on this rant before.  Sorry if you've heard it from me before.  Then again, I'm not sorry.  I want people to listen.  I don't mind fan-art, I understand people like to cosplay and fantasize about their favorite characters, but I'd still rather they use some imagination at least once in a while. 

I know a couple people who take their original character creation to heart.  I love this.  :iconethereas: has a multitude of original characters to choose from.  Beauty in every bite!  :icondelwyndruth: takes great pride in putting together her own original heroines.  Her ability to take totally unrelated costumes and combine them into a consolidated whole is fun to watch.  :iconmollyfootman: has some of the most fleshed out heroines and villains.  I love to see her work, wheater it is from Second Life or from Poser or her devious mind.  Gtreat stuff all around.  You can alos check out :iconchickfighter:, another original character.  Don't forget :iconmasqueraderie: or :iconladytania: or :iconvhamelin:.  There are so many options out there.  So many ways you can express yourself in different ways.  Why would you want to be just another carbon copy of something the comic book industry came up with?

I'm sure not everyone agrees with me.  That's fine, too. 
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I'm a builder and designer in Second Life. My artwork primarily stems from creating ads for the things I create. I've recently decided that I need more "punch" and have tried to create a comic book look.

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Thanks for the fave!
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Domo for faving, Barb. ;)
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Thanks so much for the fave on my spats tutorial! If you use it, I'd love to see what you make. ^_^
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Thanks very much for the fav, my dear!

I am honored by your "watch"! (And I have already been one of your consumers in SL!)


BarbaraTeebrook Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So glad to hear that! 
Thanks for the fave! I really appreciate!

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Mr-Hypnotyk Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav on the birthday card. just wondering if you liked the pics with you in them.
BarbaraTeebrook Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been so bad at catching up with comments. I think I'm finally caught up. Thanks for letting me drop by.
Mr-Hypnotyk Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, the visit's not quite don yet :)
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